The Unconventional Wedding of Saheefa Jabbar Khattak!

Saheefa Jabbar Khattak, the Pakistani model and the Rising Star of Hum Style Awards 2017 recently got married in Lahore. Her wedding pictures went viral on social media and created buzz on the Internet.



Saheefa broke the norms of society and proved “We Survived Log Kya Kahaingay Phase” statement right. At one of her dholkis, she was seen wearing a bomber jacket with the same message.



At her mayoon and nikkah, Saheefa wore a refreshingly minimal outfit with minimal makeup and jewellery. 


The couple decided to have a wedding in daylight instead of the night which was one of the best things about her wedding. 


The bride wore a simple pink Fahad Hussayn outfit. She kept her hair short and done her own makeup. Earlier, she was trolled for her short hair. However, she strongly responded, “Short hair doesn’t make me a bad person.” 


At her wedding, she chose not have a dance floor and guests enjoyed happy and fun freestyle dances.


The fascinating thing about her wedding was the positive messages which were on the bomber jackets of the photographers – they read “I’ll give an empowered wife and a daughter to this world” and “My mother in law didn’t want me to change.” 




We spotted Sadaf Kanwal, Aiman Khan, Minal Khan, Fahad Hussain, Rubab Ali, Saboor Aly, Rehmat Ajmal, Guddu and Shani and Anam Malik among others. 


Saheefa’s wedding gave the strong message of simplicity and girl power. She mentioned that “Modelling is her passion and she will continue her career even after her marriage.”


We wish the newlywed couple all the happiness in life. 🙂  

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