COUGAR is making us drool more over its “Sweaters & Hoodies Collection” after it’s FLAT 20% SALE

With the winter breeze greeting Karachi right now, Cougar just announced a Flat 20% off its “Sweaters and Hoodies” range which is the perfect time to shop for one. I couldn’t resist not purchasing some for myself as the prices have gone down even lower than the other high street fashion brands including Outfitters, Breakout and Stoneage (yes, almost 500-1000 PKR less).

The entire range is aesthetically pleasing with acrylics and wool used in the perfect combination. Here are some sweaters that I personally love and have managed to get my hands on them before the stock runs out.

15555855_10211987897039095_1978691758_n    15555754_10211987896959093_1005718344_n   15577563_10211987896719087_213659297_n

Oh, I just can’t wait to wear these trendy Eye Candies. Hoping to see these next in my mail.

These open sweaters without any fasteners will look so flattering if paired with a belt.

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Cougar never fails to impress us with its sleek and on point designs. Isn’t it evident in all these designs?


15571335_10211987896559083_1884293307_n 15494123_10211987896599084_901385356_n   15555678_10211987896759088_1294459189_n-copy
Also, for men who are obsessed with timeless knits in blue shades these cardigans should definitely occupy some space in their wardrobes:

15555752_10211987896679086_1875472101_n 15555678_10211987896639085_1650633595_n

Get your hands on these by ordering through their official website:




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