‘Arth – The Destination’ Review: An Emotional Rollercoaster Ride

Arth- The Destination was released on 21st December 2017 worldwide and it is definitely a good addition to the top films of Pakistani cinema.

The film is written and directed by Shaan Shahid. It features Shahid himself, Humaima Malik, Mohib Mirza and Uzma Hassan in lead roles. Arth 2 is a remake of Mahesh Bhatt’s 1982 film Arth.

The movie is about human relationships, from unfaithful marriage to friendship and love. It revolves around a writer Uzma (Uzma Hassan) and how her life falls apart when her film-maker husband Umar (Mohib Mirza) falls in love with the superstar Humaima (Humaima Malick). Uzma then begins the friendship with singer Ali (Shaan Shahid).


Furthermore, this film is about some great performances by the actors. Uzma was the lady of the movie. She has definitely managed to make herself one of the finest actresses of Pakistani cinema. Whereas Shaan did a pretty good job with his role, he displayed the right emotions as a struggling singer and friend. However, Humaima and Mohib did justice to their roles and brilliantly contributed to the film with some strong acting.


Moreover, the film music is outstanding and memorable. ‘Murshed Jee’ and ‘Sanwar De Khudaya’ are very emotional songs. Needless to say, the music manages to keep the audience hooked.


Having said that, Arth has a gripping storyline but it has many technical flaws. The director fails to establish an easy visual language for its audience. Also, it has weak direction and disregards the fundamentals of cinematography keeping the viewers confused.

Regardless of its shortcomings, Arth is a good watch – with strong acting and music. 


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