Affordable Makeup Artists in Karachi!

Karachi has so many salons and makeup artists but not everyone can afford the top class makeup artists. If you’re looking for someone who can match your type and pocket then here are a few affordable makeup artists who will make you look like a princess by using their magic wand at the economical price.

1. Sobiya Aqil

Evening makeup: 6,000 PKR (with complimentary blow-dry & nail colour)

Mehendi/Mayon makeup: 10,000 PKR (blow-dry+hairdo+nail colour+dupatta+jewellary setting)

Engagement/Nikkah makeup: 15,000 PKR (blow-dry+hairdo+nail colour+dupatta+jewellary setting)

Bridal makeup: 22,000 PKR (blow-dry+hairdo+nail colour+dupatta+jewellary setting)


(Sobiya sits at Sedusa The Spa)


2. Makeup by Amna Farhad

Evening makeup (Matte): 7,000 PKR (makeup+hair+nail colour)

Engagement makeup 15,000 PKR (makeup+hair+nail colour+dupatta+jewellary setting)

Nikkah/Mehendi/Mayon makeup: PKR 15,000 (makeup+hair+nail colour+dupatta+jewellary setting)

Bridal makeup: 25,000 PKR (makeup+hair+nail colour+dupatta+jewellary setting)

Bridal makeup package for 2 days (Baraat+Valima): 45,000 PKR

Glam hairdo: 2,000-3,000 PKR



3. Kiran Khan – Makeup & Hair

Soft party makeup with hair: 7,000 PKR (subtle makeup and hair – no glittery eyes)

Heavy party makeup with hair: 9,500 PKR (glittery eyes or smoky eyes and bold lip colour)

Mehendi/Mayon makeup: 12,000 PKR (makeup+hairdo+nail colour+dupatta+jewellary setting)

Nikkah/Engagement makeup: 16,500 PKR (makeup+glittery eyes+hairdo+nail colour+dupatta+jewellary setting)

Baraat/Valima makeup: 27,000 PKR (any kind of makeup+hairdo+nail colour+dupatta+jewellary setting)



4. Asaniyan Beauty Studio 

Party makeup: 8,000 PKR

Model makeup: 12,000 PKR

Mehendi/Mayon: 12,000 PKR

Engagement makeup: 15,000 PKR

Nikkah makeup: 18,000 PKR

Bridal makeup: 40,000

Baraat/Valima makeup: 35,000



5. Gulali K Afridi – Hair & Makeup

Party makeup: 4,500 PKR

Engagement makeup: 12,000 PKR

Nikkah makeup: 9,500 PKR

Rukhsati makeup: 16,000 PKR

Valima makeup: 17,500 PKR



Get yourself glammed up for the shaadi season and bookmark this page as you might need it anytime. 🙂

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